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Another Hold My Beer Watch This episode...well kind of. But this time, does it actually work in their favor? We are joined by another friend in this short film to have the dummy take another beating. Hope you guys enjoy and don't forget to subscribe!
The guys are back, but this time things take a turn. Our stunt double decides it's time for a little pay back.

You know that great, elating feeling that overcomes when you see Karma restore balance?

The guys are back and this time they've been drinking!

Grab a beer, some burgers, and fire up the grill for more HMBWT!

New HMBWT episode on a nice, late June afternoon in Phoenix! Oh and for some of you that don't know, late afternoon in June at 110 isn't nice at all. 

This is just a short before the filming of our next HMBWT skit. Stay tuned, the next one will be here shortly!!

Hold My Beer...Watch This

Jose catches some killer air!

Ninja Warrior got nothing on these guys!

Uploaded by Juan and Joe Comedy on 2018-01-18.

Hold My Beer, Watch This Jose Meza and Jonathan Baden. 

Accidental Racism ensues when the Car Alarm is activated.

Another short animation brought to you by KUPD's John Holmberg from The Morning Sickness and Juan & Joe Studios.

Holmberg's Morning Sickness on 98KUPD from Phoenix, AZ. 

Here's another animation voiced by John Holmberg form Holmberg's Morning Sickness on 98 KUPD, Phoenix, AZ.

New KOPS episode! The Hold My Beer Watch This Edition!

Hulk ain’t got nuthin on Meza!!

Dummy heads up the ladder to inspect the antennae.

2016 IFP Phx 48 Hour Challenge Video

GoPro Guy provokes Gym Rat by being his natural dumb-ass self!

   Split 3 Ways is a 5 minute short film from Burning Dreams Films created for the IFP Phoenix 48 Hour Challenge 2014.

Juan and Joe Studios

What’s up everybody!? This is where we post all of our projects that are not comedy related.
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Episode 5 C&C Dec 2018. This is the big one of Cars & Coffee in Scottsdale, AZ! OK so I went to this cars and coffee the beginning of December and it was awesome! I I got some great footage of some beautiful rides.
Had a blast going to the Gold Rush Rally with so many amazing rides! I don't think I've ever seen so many incredible high-end cars with insane wraps and paint jobs. If you like this video, share, like, comment & don't forget to subscribe for more content!
This is actually an Inbetween-isode for of the vlog. I had to put this up because I had an opportunity to go check this car out and I was hella excited about it! Only 40 if these beauties made for Lamborghini's 100th anniversary.
Baden heads to MN and takes a day at the 2018 MSRA Back to the 50's Car Show. The final tally for 2018 was 11,707 vehicles all packed into the MN State Fairgrounds. msrabacktothe50s.com/ If you like this video, share, like, comment & don't forget to subscribe for more content!
First time I got to see a Pagani and it was everything I expected! I mean I only say "Pagani" 4 times in the video...well in the intro...that's only about 20 seconds long. So I get excited, car lovers will understand!
So this is our FIRST vlog! I will be the guinea pig on this one, but Baden will have his first soon! We will definitely be making more of these, sometimes solo and sometimes as a team. Hope you guys enjoy! If you like this video, share, like, comment & don't forget to subscribe for more content!

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