Letter #11

Welcome to the Juan and Joe Podcast - thanks for checking us out!

Today we review the content on our YouTube channel and announce what is coming up. OUR FIRST TUTORIAL VIDEO IS LIVE – check it out here: https://youtu.be/CaXrOzm4yHU.

We also discuss seeing Bill Burr live a few weeks ago – he was insane, and it was the best show we’ve both seen in a long time! Today’s letter starts around the 35 minute mark and covers B-Rad’s love of terrible television. We are assuming they don’t have Netflix in the Big House… Also B-Rad gives us some great ideas for a few T-shirts – might be time to launch a t-shirt line on his behalf! Sorry, can’t post the pic of his sister lest we have our podcast taken down.

Juan and Joe Podcast is Jonathan Baden and Jose Meza. The music track "Chief Honkey" is written and performed by Josh Graham and used with permission.

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