Letter #13

Welcome to the Juan and Joe Podcast - thanks for checking us out!

Feliz Ramadan, the holidays are over! It's been a minute since we recorded a podcast and the letter is short this week. We decided to fill the time with our own ramblings. We cover the entire US, from Canada to Mexico! And for at least the 2nd time we vent about small talk, and stupid fkn drivers.

B-Rad is good and is trying to call Jose which would make for an awesome story! He also lets us know about his prison buddy Bubba fighting Jose's fellow Mexican's on the Vegas Strip. Check it out - https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=CXbY47eLkfQ

Juan and Joe Podcast is Jonathan Baden and Jose Meza. The music track "Chief Honkey" is written and performed by Josh Graham and used with permission.

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