Road to Eloy

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Recorded 2/9/19 on the road to Eloy in Jose's truck so don't bitch about the audio. Also the podcast ends abruptly when we have to exit the vehicle for a mandatory K9 search.

Jose and I head to Eloy, Arizona so Jose can visit IN PERSON with B-Rad for 3 full hours! Keep in mind that Jose has not seen B-Rad or spoke to him in over 24 years. They have only corresponded via US Mail. We converse for a little over an hour and a half as we head south to the prison. I ask him a about how he thinks the conversation will go but mostly we just babble and make fun of shit we see on the road.

And of course don’t even realize when we are pulling up that we’ve arrived at the prison. Fricken hooples!

Juan and Joe Podcast is Jonathan Baden and Jose Meza. The music track "Chief Honkey" is written and performed by Josh Graham and used with permission.

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